Magical Maastricht

Magical Maastricht

Zondag 20 november 2022, Amy

Do you like the cozy lifestyle that they leave behind in the South of the Netherlands? Then you should definitely go to Maastricht. In addition to the appreciation for good food, you will also find culture, art, history and of course beautiful nature in the area. So there is something for everyone! The center is small so you can visit everything on foot.

History of "Masetrieth"

From archaeological finds in the city it can be shown that the city of Maastricht has been continuously inhabited for more than twenty centuries. For this reason, Maastricht is also one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The name Masetrieth can be traced back to the Latin Mosa Trajectum. This stood for 'passage' or 'pervable place in the Meuse'. In 1051 the name Masetrieth was described for the first time, which eventually became Maastricht. Since 1 August 1814, Maastricht became the capital of the province of Limburg.

In and around Maastricht 

Sint Servaasbasiliek

On the most famous square of Maastricht, the Vrijthof, you will find the Sint Servaasbasiliek. In the middle of the historic center, this basilica connects three squares, namely: the Vrijthof, the Keizer Karelplein and the Hendric Veldekeplein. The name 'Sint Servaas' was given to this basilica because it was built on the tomb of Saint Servatius. The basilica is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has one of the richest treasure chambers in Europe! When you visit Maastricht you cannot skip a visit to this impressive church.


Behind the bakery Bisschopsmolen you will find the water mill that dates from the 11th century. Only since 2005 has the mill been reunited with the bakery. In the past, the mill was owned by Godfrey of Boullion. It is a true must see when you wander around in the Jekerkwartier. If you want to learn more about the history of the mill, take a look inside, follow a workshop or let yourself be guided by a guide.

Bisschopsmolen Maastricht


The ENCI quarry has been open again for viewings since October 2017. Until 100 years ago, marl was extracted in the quarry, but this has stopped since 2018. Now it is a beautiful area where you can walk and spot animals. Previously it was also possible to swim there, but this is no longer allowed

Activities Maastricht

City walks

Seven days a week, various city walks through Maastricht are given. Locals tell about the history and take you to the unknown parts of the city. Via visit Maastricht you can choose a Highlights Tour, Historic Heart Maastricht, Explorer tour or Hidden Places, Secret Spaces tour.

Cruise on the Maas

It is possible to make a daily cruise on the Maas. During this cruise, the most beautiful places of the Albert Canal and the Meuse are shown. You can also choose to sail from Maastricht to Liège, combine a trip on the Meuse with a visit to the caves of Sint Pietersberg or combine it with dinner or lunch.Maas Maastricht skyline

Caves of Sint Pietersberg

No light, no sound, no range and no sense of time... Do you dare? In the labyrinth of the Sint Pietersberg you go on an adventure. Where once there were more than 20,000 corridors throughout the area, now only the north of the corridors can still be visited. During a visit to the caves you will be taken along a dome, an old peeling spot and through dark Gothic corridors. Because the caves are so large, it is not possible to see everything. Do you have a special request? Then let the guide know at the beginning of the tour.

The districts in Maastricht

The city center

The city center of Maastricht is a vast area from the Sint Servaas bridge to the Markt to the Vrijthof. You can shop extensively in the streets or choose one of the indoor shopping centers Mosae Forum or Entre Deux.

Mosae Forum has its own character and you can go there when you are looking for the larger retail chains. You are also good here for a snack or tasty lunch. Also in Entre Deux you can find the stores of the larger chains. In addition, there is also a jeweler and several home furnishing stores. One of the Most Special Bookshops in the Netherlands can also be entered via the Entre Deux shopping center, this is: Bookshop Dominicanen. What makes this bookstore so special is that it is located in a church! You can find all kinds of books, think of public books, music and books for professionals. Even if you are not looking for a book, Bookstore Dominicanen is definitely worth a visit.Winkelen Maastricht


"Wiek", better known as Wijck, is a special place in the Limburg capital. This district is full of cozy boutiques that are often located in historic buildings. It is located just on the other side of the Meuse. You can take a guided tour of city brewery Maastrichter Maltezer, visit the Bio Markt or browse around in the authentic shops that can be found in this charming district.


Do you prefer chic shops? Then visit the Meerkat quarter. Here you will find the most beautiful and stylish boutiques full of clothing, home accessories and jewelry. In this district you can also admire the Basilica of Our Lady. What makes this basilica so special is that it is probably the oldest Christian church in the Netherlands!


The newest part of the city is the Sphinxkwartier. This is the place for the creatives among us. Buildings that are here were not yet in use a few years ago, such as an old Carpentry Factory and a Fire Brigade Canteen. Now these buildings are back in use by entrepreneurs and various projects are taking place. Many exhibitions are also given here on a creative level.

Céramique, Jekerkwartier and Sint Pieter

Other districts that are also worth a visit are Céramique, Jekerkwartier and Sint Pieter. Céramique is the new district that you will find behind Wijck. When you walk through this you discover that the industrial past still lives on, but modern buildings can be found around it. Go here when you want to visit the theater or the Bonnefantenmuseum.  The Jekerkwartier is known for the relaxed atmosphere that prevails there. It also looks like a French city, but in miniature. On the street, the inhabitants of Maastricht walk quietly through the streets, you can enjoy the tastiest dishes in the cozy bistros and you can go for various jazz festivals.

Just outside the city is Saint Peter's. A beautiful environment where you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you and where you can enjoy nature. Walk through this area towards the Sint Pietersberg and you immediately get the idea that you are no longer in the Netherlands. In no time you can walk through the hilly landscape and you can visit Fort Sint Pieter.

Fort sint pieter

Spend the night in the area 

Do you want to visit the city of Maastricht and also immediately enjoy the rest of the area? Then book an overnight stay at Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant de Geulvallei in Houthem St. Gerlach, Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Burghoeve in Valkenburg or Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Valkenburg in Valkenburg. The hotels are only 10 kilometers away from Maastricht.

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