Rotterdam city trip: The architecture city of the Netherlands

Rotterdam city trip: The architecture city of the Netherlands

Zondag 7 augustus 2022, Roos, Amy

When you think of Rotterdam, you don't immediately think of a tourist attraction, but nothing could be further from the truth! Rotterdam will amaze you with its unique architecture, special museums and intimate streets. You can easily enjoy a (long) weekend in Rotterdam. In the second city of this country you will find, among other things, the largest port of Europe, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands and most iconic architectures. Do you want to visit Rotterdam but don't know exactly what to do? No problem, we have listed 10 highlights that should not be missed during a city trip in Rotterdam.

1. The Euromast

For the best view of Rotterdam you have to go to the Euromast. From the largest watchtower in the Netherlands you have a beautiful view over the entire city of Rotterdam. On the different platforms, of different heights, you have a view over the Erasmus Bridge, the Kop van Zuid, the Kuip, the Maas and the ship SS Rotterdam. Do you want to complete your visit to the Euromast? Then book for a brunch, lunch, high tea, high wine or dinner at high altitude. While enjoying a culinary experience you look out over the beautiful city. Do you want to go for an adrenaline rush? Then you can choose to abseil from the Euromast. From the viewing platform at a height of 100 meters, you step over the railing to sink down while you have a beautiful view of the city of Rotterdam.

2. The Markthal

Go on a culinary journey of discovery in the Markthal of Rotterdam. In the covered Markthal you will find various restaurants, coffee bars and delicacies from different cultures where you can enjoy different specialties. The building is located in the center of Rotterdam and has a special appearance due to its iconic arch shape. The shape of the building is not only impressive on the outside, but also on the inside. The Markthal is located in the center of Rotterdam and is only 15 minutes away from Rotterdam Central Station, so a visit to the Markthal can easily be combined with a day of shopping or culture in the city.

3. The cube houses

Opposite from the Markthal you will find the cube houses. The cube houses have been a household name for almost 40 years and are known for their unusual design. The houses will make an exceptional impression through its design; a cube at its tip on a pole in a yellow color. Take a look at the Kijk-Kubus Museum house to see what the houses look like from the inside. If you think the outside is special, then you haven't seen the inside of the cube-shaped house yet. Due to the unusual shapes and sloping walls, custom-made furniture is essential in the cube houses.

4.  The largest port in Europe

In Rotterdam you will find the largest port in Europe, which is also the number six seaport in the world. Take a nice bike ride through the ports. Via the Bicycle Junction Planner you can easily choose your own cycle route with more than 175 km of cycle paths in the port area. In addition to a beautiful cycling route, you can also visit FutureLand. At Futureland you will discover the development of the newest port area of Rotterdam. From the Panaroma deck you have a magnificent view over the ports of Rotterdam and you can do a cruise on the Maasvlakte where you can view the ports from the water.

5.  Blijdorp Zoo

With more than 25 hectares in size, you will find the most visited zoo in the Netherlands in the heart of Rotterdam. Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe, has animals from all continents of the world. See the highly endangered Sumatran tiger, the Amur panther, and the Asia-wide elephants. See how Bokito, the most famous gorilla in the Netherlands, lives and what the giraffes, from Africa, eat. Come face to face with playful sea lions, penguins, different species of sharks and the most colorful fish in the beautiful covered Oceanium and learn all about the arctic fox and polar bears from North America. In Blijdorp there is plenty to do and learn for young and old.

6.  The Erasmusbrug

When visiting Rotterdam, the Erasmus Bridge should of course not be missed. The bridge connects the Kop van Zuid with the center of Rotterdam. The special design of the bridge reminds many people of a swan, which is why the bridge is also called the Swan. The special design of the 139 meter high bridge and the futuristic skyscrapers on the Kop van Zuid provide a beautiful view that you do not want to miss. Visit the famous bridge from the side or the water, in Rotterdam you can do various canal cruises on the Maas where you go under the Erasmus Bridge.

7.  The Remastered Experience

Are you near the Erasmus Bridge? Then a visit to Remastered Experience is definitely worth adding to your trip. Remastered is a unique experience located under the Erasmus Bridge. In a 60-minute journey, you can walk through several digital studios that have created a new world. Old Dutch Masters come to life through digital 3D artworks. Everything at Remastered is all about interaction by being part of the artwork, so works by Hieronymus Bosch, Mondrian and Van Gogh have been given a new look. In total there are 6 different rooms where all your senses will be stimulated.

8.  Museumpark

Do you want to find peace and quiet in the busy city? Then visit The Museumpark. In a radius of 300 meters you will find no less than 7 different museums that you can visit, which explains the name of the park. You will find the Kunsthal Rotterdam, Museum and Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, The Natural History Museum, The New Institute, Sonneveld House and The Chabot Museum. In the park itself you will also find many works of art, which means that the Museumpark is also seen as an open-air museum..

9.  Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

Right next to the Museumpark you will find the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, which has been open to the public since 2021. This imposing building was designed by architectural firm MVRDV and is a new Rotterdam icon due to its special design. The depot is located right next to the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and is 39.5 meters high. The building is completely covered with 6,609 m2 of glass divided into 1,664 mirror panels. Due to the reflection of the green surroundings, the depot blends in with its surroundings. Not only is the depot special from the outside, but also inside the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen is extra special. With more than 151,000 works of art, of which 88,000 prints and drawings, Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen is the only depot in the world where, in addition to making the museum collection public, private collections and corporate collections are also housed.

10.  Witte de Withstraat

For the most lively part of Rotterdam you have to be in De Witte de Withstraat. Here you will find several cafes, restaurants, terraces, shops and art galleries. Due to the large range of restaurants and various pubs, the Witte de Withstraat is really a must-see when you visit Rotterdam. The most famous café on the Witte de Withstraat is De Witte Aap. This café was once voted best bar in the world by Lonely Planet. In addition to the pubs and restaurants, you will also find many art galleries and institutions on this street and the Museum park and the Maritime Museum are connected. As a result, the Witte de Withstraat is also called the art axis of Rotterdam.

Spending the night in Rotterdam

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Flying from or to Rotterdam The Hague Airport

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