You don't want to miss these sights during your trip to Groningen!

You don't want to miss these sights during your trip to Groningen!

Zondag 23 oktober 2022, Michelle, Amy

Groningen, a city and a province where you have all the freedom. The coziness here goes hand in hand with the oases of peace. The place where you can recharge and reinvent yourself. The capital of the province of Groningen is a frequently visited place during a day out or a weekend away. You will find beautiful historic buildings, many shops and cozy terraces. Are you planning to visit Groningen, but don't know what to do in Groningen? No problem, we have listed 10 sights activities that you should not miss during your trip to Groningen.

1. Central Station Groningen

Are you planning to come to Groningen by train? Then linger a little longer in the station hall. You are here at one of the most beautiful stations in the Netherlands. The beautiful ceilings and stained glass windows designed in the Dutch Renaissance style and Neo-Gothic make this building also worth a visit if you plan to come to the city by car.

2. Groninger museum

When visiting Groningen, the Groninger museum should not be missed. The entrance is not to be missed. As soon as you walk from the main station to the city center, you walk over the colorful museum bridge. This is the route to a postmodern building in the middle of the deep ring, or the Groninger museum. In the museum there are various exhibitions with which you as a visitor are challenged to look at visual art differently. The building of the museum is already a work of art in itself and therefore this place is already worth a visit.

3. Grote markt

In the heart of Groningen you will find the Grote Markt, the square where traditional trade takes place. The square is surrounded by characteristic buildings. Want to come by on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday? Then stroll around the commodity market. The square is then full of stalls and cheerful merchants who have a wide range of meat, fish, fruit and cheese. Are you looking for a cozy place to quietly eat or drink something? Then you've come to the right place on the Grote Markt! At the edges of the market you can take a seat on various terraces and look around at the beautiful surroundings in which you find yourself. The Grote Markt is easy to reach with only a 15-minute walk from Groningen Central Station.

4. Martinitoren

One of the characteristic buildings on the Grote Markt is the martini tower. The 97 meter high tower is the tallest building in the city of Groningen. In addition to being beautiful from the front, the tower also offers fantastic views. Climb almost 300 steps to come face to face with the vaults of the Martini church and the immense bells. You can also take a step outside at a height of 39 meters for a great view around the Martini Tower. Then it's time to take another step up. After a good number of steps you arrive at the clockwork attic. Here you will experience an immense sense of space and look out over the city of Groningen. You can also see the surroundings in the distance.

5. The Prinsentuin

Not far from the Martini Tower is a high wall that separates the busy city of Groningen from the quietest place in the city center, the Prinsentuin. This Renaissance garden consists of a rose garden, herb garden and a berceaus (walking path covered with leaves). The perfect place for a break from the busy city of Groningen. Take a seat on the benches, read a book or stroll along the plants.

6. Baxbier

Curious about Groningen beer? Then stop by Baxbier, a brewery and tasting room. Baxbier is located on the water, the ideal location to enjoy a delicious glass of beer and a bite to eat. For the curious beer lovers there is a tour of the brewery with extensive explanations about the origins of the brewery and the brewing process. Finally, there is a tasting of the beers they offer.

7. National Park Lauwersmeer

If you want to retreat from the busy city, the Lauwersmeer National Park in Groningen is the perfect location. You can go out with the children, go boating, walking or cycling. The Lauwersmeer National Park is the place to be for animal lovers. The konik horses gallop by, further on you will find the bald eagle that is breeding and the Scottish highlanders are grazing. For the night owls, the National Park is beautiful to discover the nocturnal nature life. It is so dark here at night that you can see everything. Discover how the nocturnal animals live, go for a night walk or see the beautiful starry sky.

8. Grid Graphic Museum Groningen

Grid Graphic Museum Groningen is the ideal place to actively learn about graphic heritage. The museum teaches you all about the past and present of graphic art, printing and binding techniques. There are changing exhibitions to see and you can see a printing and bookbinding shop. To make the visit a bit more active, you can also get started yourself. The museum offers various activities and workshops for children and adults.

9. Spot Groningen

Pay a visit to the stadschouwburg or the Oosterpoort during your trip to Groningen. The stadschouwburg is the most important theater in the city and the surrounding area. The municipal theater is known for the intimate experience between audience and artist. After the monumental building has been closed for a while, it has been open again since 2016 and performances are taking place again. The Oosterpoort is the most important music building in Groningen and surroundings. The music building has become very popular in recent years and is well visited. Because of this crowding, problems are piling up and this ensures that a new music center will be built in Groningen. So don't wait too long to pay a visit to the Oosterpoort.

10. De Korenbeurs

The building of the Korenbeurs is an eye-catcher that is definitely worth a look during your visit to Groningen. The city of Groningen has long been the center of the national grain trade. From this the name of the building originated. Until the eighties, the Korenbeurs served as a grain exchange. Since 2000, an Albert Heijn has been located here. If you stand in front of the building you will see that the brand of the Albert Heijn is not visible. This has to do with the sculptures on the building that refer to the former function of the Corn Exchange: Mercury, God of commerce, Neptune, God of the sea and Ceres, Goddess of agriculture.

Spending the night in Groningen

Are you still looking for a hotel in Groningen? Then come and spend the night at Fletcher Familiehotel Paterswolde or Fletcher Hotel Langewold. Get in the car, bus or train and you are in the beautiful center of Groningen. From Fletcher Familiehotel Paterswolde it is 20 minutes by car to the center of Groningen and with 11 minutes’ drive you are at the Groninger Museum. Paterswolde is a must if you want to go away for a weekend with the family. In the area you can find the best family outings, such as a day in Groningen, Hunebedden, Traffic & Amusement Park Duinen Zathe and zoos.

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